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Style Without Strings: Wallpaper Ideas for Design-Conscious Renters


Are you over the same white or beige walls in every room? Not a big fan of painting? Good to know! If you have a general interest in wallpaper, this post is for you. If you are renting a house, apartment, etc, consider this a Modern Mae reader exclusive! Thankfully, temporary wallpaper is a decor game-changer for renters, instantly elevating your space without the homeowner coming for your deposit at move-out. In this blog post, we’ll enter into the world of renter-friendly wallpaper where style meets endless possibilities.

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No Commitment Drama

For starters, you wouldn’t be the first person with decor commitment issues. Can’t be tied down to one look forever? Understood. Renter-friendly wallpaper sticks around when you want it to and peels off when you’re ready for a change. No drama, no regrets. This sounds like relationship advice. It’s not, but if the shoe fits…

Instant Wow Factor

Who says you need to own a place to make it feel like home? Renter-friendly wallpaper is an immediate upgrade for your walls, transforming the blank spaces into a stylish piece of art. Whether you’re into bold patterns, subtle textures, or everything in between, there’s a wallpaper out there with your name on it.

DIY Bliss

So it’s you, your favorite person, a glass of bubbles (alcohol optional), and a roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper. This could go either way, but hopefully it sounds like a recipe for the perfect DIY project! With renter-friendly wallpaper, you don’t need a degree in interior design or a squad to help you add a little something extra to your walls. We will get into different types of temporary wallpaper shortly, but it can be as easy as peel, stick, and boom – instant upgrade, no relationships lost. If the thought of putting up wallpaper terrifies you, reach out to a local decorator or designer. Some might let you assist in the process, giving you the chance to learn something new! Though this post is not a step-by-step tutorial, ensuring your walls are the right texture for temporary wallpaper is KEY. For a detailed approach, check out Livette’s Wallpaper for a step-by-step tutorial.


Let’s be real – decorating on a budget can be done but requires a bit more patience if you’re looking for a more personalized look and feel. Renter-friendly wallpaper gives you a wide range of options to choose from. You can give your space a makeover without maxing out your budget. Want to max out? That’s your business.

Homeowner Approved

Lastly, let’s address the homeowner elephant in the room – will they approve? The short answer: Most likely! Renter-friendly wallpaper is designed to play nice with your walls, leaving them damage-free. Best practice? Check your rental agreement before you proceed to overhaul the walls. If possible, reach out to the homeowner directly just to make sure. Once you have the go-ahead, let your inner decorator shine and give your space some creative love without worrying about losing that security deposit.

Options For Renter-Friendly Wallpaper

Peel-and-Stick Perfection

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is the OG of renter-friendly decor. It’s easy to apply and even easier to remove. Truly, there’s a reason why it is a favorite. You can find bold florals to contemporary textured lines. The hardest part is choosing just one…or two…or three.

Temporary Texture

Interested in adding a tactile element to your wall? Explore fabric wallpaper. It’s easy on the eyes and perfect for adding texture and depth to any space. Remember that it is removable, so you can switch up your style whenever the mood strikes…because your budget is your business.

Vinyl Vibes

If durability is what you need, removable vinyl wallpaper is a great option. Vinyl is waterproof and wipeable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. You can find temporary vinyl wallpaper in a range of colors and finishes, so have a lot of fun with it.

Chalkboard Chic

Writing on walls is not for everyone, but if you want to let your creativity run wild, your answer might be temporary chalkboard wallpaper. From grocery lists to doodles and inspirational quotes, your written possibilities are endless. When you’re ready for a clean slate, just wipe it down and start fresh!

There it is – the benefits of renter-friendly wallpaper, served with a list of options to get started. Whether you’re a experienced DIYer or budget-savvy novice, there are temporary wallpaper options available to suit your needs when renting. Use the gorgeous work of the artists in this blog post as inspiration. Explore their sites and social media pages. Pinterest- you already know. Don’t be afraid to order samples of prints you love to get an idea of how it would look in your space.

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