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Letter From the Founder: Hello again!


Dear Reader,

I have noticed that a few things happen when I have been through periods of abrupt change and transformation, as we all have experienced the past three years. Initially, there was an undeniable surge of energy and artistic creativity in 2020, followed by a lack of inspiration and motivation to create anything. I witnessed myself resist writing or sharing any new projects; it felt almost rebellious. In the midst of the storm, I was preparing to take up the creative space I have wanted since I was a little girl. It’s been a year since I’ve published an issue of Modern Mae, and this spring issue is my time to re-introduce Modern Mae and bloom.

So, hello…again.

I’ve made a bolder, braver decision to not only share stories of amazing creatives, but to inspire people to be proud of who they are, how they love, and what they stand for through my love of sports, design, and fashion. I am incredibly proud that in addition to our digital magazine, Modern Mae is sports lifestyle and culture brand! From a curated marketplace of ready-to-order products to handcrafted accessories for your photoshoot concept, I look forward to helping you elevate the ways you express your love of sports in your daily life.

Inspiration Gallery

Embracing Authenticity

Modern Mae is evidence that our being expands when we take risks and embrace authentic living. From businesses like Cloth & Paper to sharing insights in blog posts like Nurturing Your Audacity, I will continue to shine the spotlight on inspiring people and resources who will spur you into your next business project, travel planning process, and sports adventure.

Reintroducing Modern Mae has been a journey of personal care and self-discovery.. It’s been a humbling experience to start again. I 10/10 recommend it!

Looking Ahead

The spring theme is bold authenticity. I’ve spent a year asking myself, “Do I have to do anything the same as before?” More often than not I concluded that no, I don’t. So much has changed in the world- how we navigate our daily lives, working-from-home, experiencing delayed trauma due to the pandemic, political nonsense, education woes, loss, grief, and, and, and…

You deserve to engage with what nurtures, inspires, and heals you. I look forward to Modern Mae becoming that for you, in this post and every post to come.

So now it’s over to you. Let me know what resonates with you. What are you looking forward to? Click on the envelop icon below and let me know your thoughts. I’m want to make sure Modern Mae gives what it is supposed to give.

In creativity and love, 




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  1. Linda says:

    Hello again — I have truly missed Modern Mae — looking forward to your insight and creativity. Be bold, be YOU.

  2. Roger Claycomb says:

    I am truly impressed with what you accomplish in your spare time! So proud to have you as a part of our family! Keep doing amazing things!

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